Join the personal transportation evolution when you go for a guided tour on a Segway Personal Transporter from Segway Tours PR, Inc. This unique experience will take you on an adventure around Puerto Rico's capital city San Juan. Known as "The Walled City" San Juan is the oldest city still inhabited under the American flag. Founded in 1521 by the Spanish crown, San Juan preserves intact 500 years of colonial history waiting for you to glide it.

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Explore up to 28 landmarks in this unique 2 hour tour that will take you trough exclusive routes along the Wall Walk and all the way into the San Felipe Del Morro Fort. Our guides will train you on how to operate the Segway PT and will interpret the fascinating historical facts about the sites to be seen en route.

Learn how to operate the Segway PT and get a peak into the Walled City of San Juan. In this 45 minutes tour our guides will interpret up to 14 landmarks along the Princess Promenade, Wall Walk and up to the Gate of San Juan.