Is there a maximum age for riders?

It is important to be fully fit to operate the Segway PT. We won’t set a maximum age but will enforce that all participants must be able to stand for the duration of the tour, have healthy strong legs, be able to climb stairs without the aid of handrails, have sharp reflexes and good driving skills. If any of the mentioned fails to check on the day of the training prior the tour starts, we will not be able to tour with that participant and the cost of the tour won’t be refunded. Think safety first.

If our Cruise skips San Juan, would I get a refund?

Yes, a full refund will be given in that case.

What should I do if PayPal is not accepting my credit card?

Sometimes PayPal won’t accept certain credit cards. Please try to pay your order with a different card or contact pay pal for assistance. Also, if your card is associated with a specific PayPal account, and you’re not logging in with that particular account or if you have a credit card on file with PayPal, and want to make purchases with that credit card, you need to do it by logging into your PayPal account and selecting it as a payment method. If you try to use it without logging into your PayPal account, chances are it will be declined.

Can I take a Segway tour if pregnant?

Unfortunately, pregnant women will not be permitted to participate in these tours.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, we require that you wear a helmet on any of our tours.

Is there a weight or health requirement?

Yes, guests must weigh from 100 to 260 pounds to operate the Segway PT. Guests should also be in good health, with full reflexes and able to stand for the duration of the tour.

What should I wear on the tour?

Comfortable closed toe flat shoes are recommended as the safest option (no high heels, z-coils or flip flops) and an extra layer of light water resistant clothing. Backpacks and across purses are allowed (no shoulder bags). Comfortable beachwear is recommended as its fresh and fast drying in the event of rain. We recommend to wear a ball cap or bandana to serve as a liner for the helmet. No hair clips between the head and the helmet. Pony tails should not restrict the proper fit of the helmet. Sun glasses are a must.

Can I bring my Go Pro?

You can strap the go pro camera to the helmet, handlebar or chest by bringing your strapping gear. Participants won’t be allowed to operate photo, cell phones or recording equipment while riding. We will be stopping along the route for photos instead.

Can I bring water and snacks?

Yes, you can bring a bottle of water, snacks or any required medicine in your bag. We have a water fountain at the office for your refill.

Can I store luggage at your office?

Yes, you can store all your luggage in our office while touring at no extra cost.

How safe is the Segway PT?

The utmost care and research have gone into ensuring the Segway PT is safe. It has redundant systems and sophisticated alerts built into its design and many thousands of hours of use have demonstrated that the Segway PT is safe when used appropriately. It is important that riders understand their responsibility to ride safely. Proper skill level and understanding of the Segway PT prevents injuries caused by loss of control or misuse. Keep in mind that the Segway PT has not been designed, tested, or approved as a medical device.

Can we DUI?

No, participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs won’t be admitted in the tour for safety reasons. Our guides have been instructed to spot erratic behavior during the training.

Are you Near the Cruise Ship Pier?

Yes, we are at 5 minutes walking distance from Ships at the Ferry Pier Number 2. Across the street from CVS pharmacy. When facing Pier 2 towards the left side there is an Ice Cream shop and Café Colao’s shop, the last office in that row has a Segway Tour PR sign at the window.

At what time shall we show up for the tour?

Please show up at the confirmed time. That is generally at 10am at 1pm or at 4pm. Unless a different time is instructed. Not earlier, nor late. All tours run in local Atlantic time. Some Cruises run “Ship Time” be aware.

Can a child ride together with me on my Segway?

No, The Segway is designed to be operated by 1 rider only.

Do you offer Hotel pickups?

No, we do not have transfer services available. All tours will meet at Pier 2 in Old San Juan Segway office at the time confirmed.