Experience the beauty and history of San Juan from an exclusive viewpoint, on a Segway Personal Transporter.

San Juan, known as “The Walled City” is the oldest city still inhabited in American territory. Founded in 1521 by the Spanish crown, San Juan has 500 years of colonial history waiting for you to explore and experience. There is no other place in the world we would rather live, and that passion is what motivates us to share it’s grandeur with those who visit us. And there is no better way to absorb all that San Juan has to offer, than to take one of our guided tours on a Segway PT.

You will instantly feel comfortable on the Segway PT, as it is easy to learn, fun to ride, and an experience you will want to relive again and again. We want you to see what we see, and feel what we feel as residents of Old San Juan. Our personal tours can only be described as “an insiders look” at this magnificent city. Segway PT’s add an extra element of fun and excitement to this adventure. Walking the city is exhausting, and you will only see a fraction of it in a day. Bus tours are impersonal and generic. With us, you can effortlessly glide on the Segway PT through San Juan and take in its world famous points of interest.

There is no other tour in San Juan that can compare to ours. Our knowledge of the city, and our extensive itinerary, will make you feel that you really have “seen it all.” Our guides will quickly and safely familiarize you with the Segway PT, providing fun instruction, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage. So whether you are in a group or alone exploring the treasures that Old San Juan has to offer, Segway Tours is the smartest, most enjoyable way to do it.