Walking Tour Old San Juan (Guided)

Take a beautiful walking tour into the Walled City of San Juan. In this 1 hour tour our guide will show you up to 14 landmarks along the Princess Promenade, Wall Walk and up to the Gate of San Juan.

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: $30.00 per guest + tax
Times: Runs daily. Subject to availability and changes


1 hour


$30.00 per guest + tax


2:30PM. Subject to availability and changes

Price Includes

  • Photo ops.
  • Luggage Safe Storage

Guided Stops Include

  • Darsenas Square
  • USA Landmarks (Customs, Coast Guard, Federal Court)
  • Ancient Cobblestone Streets
  • The Princess promenade (In honor to the Asturias princess)
  • Heritage Monument
  • The Princess jail (Ancient Jail)
  • Narrowest house in Old San Juan
  • The Roots Monument (Representation of Indigenous, Spanish and African cultures)
  • Growth Monument
  • The Fortaleza (Oldest Governors Mansion still in use in the hemisphere)
  • Wall of San Juan
  • Queen Isabela Monument
  • The San Juan Gate (Remaining entrance to the old city)
  • Old San Juan Colonial Neighborhood
  • The Rogativa Monument (Religious procession during British attack 1797)