Tour Description

Explore up to 28 landmarks in this unique 2 hour tour that will take you trough exclusive routes along the Wall Walk and all the way into the San Felipe Del Morro Fort. Our guides will train you on how to operate the Segway PT and will interpret the fascinating historical facts about the sites to be seen en route.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $93.00 per guest + tax
Tour runs: 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm. Subject to availability and changes

Price Includes:

  • Riding lesson
  • One Segway PT per guest
  • Entrance fee and Guided tour inside the San Felipe del Morro Fort
  • Photo ops
  • One Segway certified guide per group
  • Luggage Safe Storage

Sightseeing Segway guided stops includes:

  • Darsenas Square
  • USA Landmarks (Customs, Coast Guard, Federal Court)
  • Ancient Cobblestone Streets
  • The Princess promenade (In honor to the Asturias princess)
  • Heritage Monument
  • The Princess jail (Ancient Jail)
  • Narrowest house in Old San Juan
  • The Roots Monument (Representation of Indigenous, Spanish and African cultures)
  • Growth Monument
  • The Fortaleza (Oldest Governors Mansion still in use in the hemisphere)
  • Wall of San Juan
  • Queen Isabela Monument
  • The San Juan Gate (Remaining entrance to the old city)
  • Old San Juan Colonial Neighborhood
  • The Rogativa Monument (Religious procession during British attack 1797)
  • Ponce de Leon’s Mansion Wall
  • Old Mental Hospital
  • San Felipe del Morro Grounds
  • Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazziz Cemetery (Resting place of illustrious Puerto Ricans)
  • Ballaja Infantry Barracks
  • Servants of Mary Order
  • Goats Island (site of Canuelo Fort and Leper Colony)
  • Old San Juan Houses
  • La Perla (Ancient Slaughter House)
  • Ancient Dominican Monastery (Today National Gallery)
  • Totem Pole (Tribute to the Earth and Clay of the Americas)
  • Bacardi Distillery (Across the Bay)
  • San Cristobal Fort (seen at 3 1/4 mile from El Morro)